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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kristy Medina

"Man on Pink Corner" seemed similar to Monk Eastman in that it reminded my of a classic Western, sort of mob/ gangster scene. There is a lot of talk about killing and blood. I am guessing that just like Monk Eastman and Hakim, the characters are true but the story is somewhat exaggerates. Something that I really like from the short stories Jorge Luis Borges writes is his strong sense of culture. It is evident in Man on Pink Corner through the dances, for example. Also, throughout, Borges objectifies women a lot, which is another part of old Spanish culture. I was wondering what the stars next to words like "Maldonado," "Morel's Men," and "gutted him" means.

"Et Certa," the first section 'A Theologian in Death' i thought was really interesting how it ends metaphorically in representing death. Again, Borges' strong sense of culture, here representing religion through his writing. Same with the section 'The Story of the Two Dreamers.' TO me, his writing so far takes a while to interpurt correctly but is somewhat interesting.

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