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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Carly Cooper

Man on Pink corner was interesting but i was really   especially at the beginning and the end, i thought the author was using a lot of names and expecting that the reader would understand who he was referring too but I didn't and that made it more difficult to follow the story. I was wondering about the relationship between the northsiders and the others and what the previous interaction between the Rosendo and The Yardmaster was.  I thought the part where the narrator was standing outside and runs into Rosendo was interesting because of the things he was thinking about his own life compared to Rosendo's. It was a different perspective on the story about the main gang member because it was also an evaluation of the importance of this narrators life and how he viewed himself. Also I realize that it was kind of about gangs but my question is, was the narrator the one who killed The Yardmaster? 
Et Cetera was a lot more engaging because the story kept changing and there wasn't much of a relationship between the stories. However, I feel like some of these stories are biblical or i have heard them before and I don't really understand why they are put together or how Jorge Luis Borges used them as his own? 

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